Started facing the problem of Gray hair?

15 Feb

Silvery hair is an exemplary indication of maturing and age. We hereditarily contain distinctive levels of melanin colors that lessen as we age bringing about the hair to turn gray.


One of the best solutions for silver hair is Argan oil. Argan oil has the antioxidants that prevent the oxidation of the hair pigments that gray the hair. It likewise fortifies the development of new more shaded hair instead of gray. Some other reasons for hair turning gray might be because of drying of the hair follicle and diseases or infections. Argan oil can saturate the hair and moisturize the hair to protect against contaminants. Argan oil keeps away dandruff, making the hair stronger postponing the loss of hair colour into a dull shade.


Application is quite simple. Take a pure argan oil and after you have shampooed and cleaned the hair, comb the oil through the wet hair. Apply the mixture onto your hair making sure to spread it evenly throughout your scalp and massage gently. Maximum benefits occur when the Argan oil deeply penetrates into the hair roots. Massaging your scalp will be necessary. You can leave the oil in your hair for about an hour and then rinse with some warm water, you can also do a quick and light application in the morning to leave in during the day. If you leave the oil in during the day though your hair will look greasy unless you have time to blow dry it out. You can also apply the oil overnight so that oil keeps longer and moisturizes further. The process should be repeated 2-3 times in a week, and within no time, the graying will slow down.

Fishtail Braid

31 Jan


While it sounds easier to braid than the FishTail braid actually is, you can use this handy illustration to provide you some steps to make that FishTail Braid all that much easier.


Hair Care: 15 Myths

20 Jan



Tight and Clean Braided Bun Pictorial

14 Dec


Frantic Rush in the Morning – You and your Long Hair

12 Dec

The frantic rush of the morning is something we all experience at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to style long hair. That being said if you don’t have long hair yet, why don’t you get some Fast shampoo and conditioner and lock in on its promise of turbo-charged hair growth and get the answer to your long hair dreams. While there isn’t a magic spray that you can use to get crazy fast hair setup hacks, there are a few simple styles that look presentable and professional. These should all be something simple to setup in less an a minute and it is something easy for you to practise while your at home alone.


First make sure you have some things on hand before you even consider starting a quick hair fix process. While you don’t necessarily need an emergency kit to fix your hair, having some readily available hair products can make this adventure a short one as it was intended. Making sure you have a solid brush and some elastics can make this process go smoothly. Extra things to include are styling sprays and gels, a volumizing spray and sometimes a straight edge like a pencil to put inside of a style like a bun.

Now that you’ve prepared a spot or a drawer with the necessary fixes mentioned above now it’s time to look at what you can do with your hair in a time crunch. There are several styles that you can do if you have more time but you’ll have to keep it simple. Try to avoid anything where you will need to use a heavy heating product or tool as they take more time. If you have to heat a curling iron then that hairstyle is not a quick fix and you may as well style your hair completely as if you had plenty of time.


Let’s break it down into three simple hairstyles you can use and how you can get your hair into that style during a quick rush in the morning or evening.

Messy Bun

Pull hair into a high pony and lock down any flyaways with an elastic headband laid about an inch from your hairline. Wrap the length of your pony into a bun, twisting as you go, and secure with an elastic band or bobby pins. Use a pencil or the end of a tail comb to evenly lift the section of hair between the headband and your bun for volume.

Double Pony

Pull the hair above your ears into a half-up half-down pony, leaving the hair beneath your ears loose. Use a brush to sweep the hair up for more volume and to fill it out slightly. Pull the remaining hair into a pony right beneath the first pony tail. The tease the top pony as it settles down on top of the original pony.

Half up and Half Down

If your hair still holds some of the style for yesterday you can do another quick fix to ride that out a little longer until you need to wash and style again. Pull hair into a half-up half-down style, leaving a few face-framing pieces out, and secure with a clear or hair-colored elastic. Next, take hold of the bottom part of the pony. Create a little space above the elastic and loop the pony through it.

While these are only a few simple style to help set up your hair, there are plenty more you can find online or from a stylist. Remember the key to these styles is ensuring that it can be done quickly and effortlessly needing little to no extra products or tools. If you can’t get it perfect it is okay, these are temporary fixes to a full style you just did not have the time for. As you may have noticed a majority of these style pull the hair from the face so if you can’t get your hair perfect make sure you have the time for a little makeup as an accent or to make sure if your have a beard that it is brushed. It only takes a few small steps to make sure that you casually pass the “did you go out late last night?” test.

What’s Happening with Hair Loss

28 Nov

While hair loss is always seen at the domain of aging men there are more and more reasons people are experiencing hair loss. Fortunately with the internet you can easily search and find list and list of reasons you may be seeing hair fall out. There isn’t anything to be alarmed about if you’ve begun to notice it. While it is impossible to predict how quickly anyone will lose hair. It is estimated that one hair loss begins the rate of hair loss of about 5% per year. Once they have started to notice hair loss, most men take 15–25 years to lose most of their hair, but a few are completely bald after 5 years.


So you have roughly 5-25 years to fix a problem correct? Why leave it for later when it can be easily addressed sooner. If your hairloss is the typical male pattern baldness then you will need something to fight against DHT. DHT is Dihydrotestosterone is an endogenous androgen sex steroid and hormone which if produced locally at the site of hair follicles and not systemic DHT, is the primary causal factor in male androgenetic alopecia or baldness. This means if it starts to appear on your scalp you will start to notice you hair loss. What you will need is something that will help stop the DHT from resting and staying on your scalp and causing the hair loss. You can use several shampoos however they tend to use chemicals and their provided benefits only function if you continue to use the products to combat the hair loss. What you can use instead is Nisim Newhair Biofactors Shampoo to cleanse the scalp and wash away the DHT. Then follow up the shampoo with the Hair and Scalp Extract to start nourishing the follicles to help produce new hair.

While the common reason of DHT has been addressed there are also several other causes for experiencing hair loss. Below is a breakdown of some other reasons you see hair fall and how you can easily address these issues either with other products or changes to your hair style, diet or another factor.


Harsh hairstyles or treatments:

Hairstyles that consistently use rubber bands, rollers or barrettes, or pull hair into tight styles can inflame hair follicles. So can incorrectly used chemical products, heavy heating tools and harsh dyes and  bleaches, If you have causes damage to the scalp the hair loss will unfortunately be permanent. So you should try to focus on hairstyles and hair treatments that won’t put heavy stress on you scalp and hair. Natural is in and this also goes for black women who have recently seen an increase in the positive public view of thicker and curlier hair both to style and maintain.


Hormone imbalances:

In both men and a majority of women, hormonal shifts from different factors ranging from age to birth control pills, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause or hysterectomy can induce more hair follicles than normal to enter the dormant phase. This means hair won’t grow and your natural hair loss as your hair goes through its cycle will seem drastic. Things like pregnancy will be a temporary loss and your hair will grow back quite rapidly once the pregnancy is over. For other factors of hormonal imbalances you will need to speak with your doctor if it’s related to medication or personal health and they will be able to provide solutions or explain if the problem is temporary.

Illness or surgery:

The stress from sickness or surgery may prompt the body to temporarily cease nonessential tasks such as hair production. The most common illness to directly cause hair loss is an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata, which has no cure and causes rapid body-wide hair loss. If you are experiencing extreme stress of sickness the hair loss will stop once those stresses have passed and you can continue to normal hair growth.

Medications and vitamins:

Cancer chemotherapy, which attacks hair follicles in its attempt to kill all fast-growing cells around the body, is a well-known reason for hair loss. As was stated earlier if you are taking a medication, such as a blood thinner, you will experience hair loss. You will need to speak with your doctor to ensure that the medical solution he provides can help if you feel that hair loss is having a adverse effect on your life.

Nutritional deficits:

Heavy dieting or eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia can temporarily stun hair follicles to cease growth. Maintain a proper diet which provides all the essential nutrients and vitamins you need and you should see a return to your natural hair growth and stop hair loss.

As with anything related to the body there are several reasons why one thing may be happening. Hair loss is not removed from this situation. If you are experiencing hair loss you should take a look at your lifestyle and health as it may be something related to an easy change in your day to day before going off on an extreme. Once you’ve taken a look at the causes try out New Hair Biofactors and see what happens!

At home hair removal solutions

21 Nov

Since we no longer require hair alone to help insulate our bodies we can now focus on removing that hair to give us the perfect look. Visible areas of hair on the body like hands, feet, face and back are one of the main cosmetic problems faced by many women and men. While there are issues of unwanted hair growth from hormonal imbalances there this post is going to cover where we would normally experience hair growth, where we would want to remove it and how we can remove the hair from home.


Though there are many latest techniques such as waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis are available for hair removal, they are costly and might be unavailable in many people’s busy schedules. There are many age old common home remedies available for effective removal of undesirable hair from the body. As these remedies are natural and readily available, they don’t have adverse symptoms and are much less expensive than the techniques accessible from clinical or salon facilities.

Once the hair is removed except by shaving you can effectively provide a complete hair loss solution by following the home procedure with Kalo Hair Inhibitor spray or lotion. Kalo contains herbal actives that neutralize the development of a hair shaft by interfering with sulfur that interfering with the formation of sulphur preventing hair from growing. Kalo must be used in conjunction with a hair removal method that removes hair from the root such as waxing or tweezing. Kalo is applied three times the day of the hair removal and three times the next day.While not as effective it use after shaving, since it cannot effectively reach the follicle of the hair, it can still also be used to slow down hair growth.


Sugar Lemon Mix For Facial Hair

Sugar mixed with water and lemon juice will help in exfoliating your face. The acidity in the lemon will help provide a natural bleach to your face giving a lightning not to your skin but instead to your facial hair. If your facial hair is very fine, typically when you find facial hair on women, then you can use this effective strategy to help remove the hair and almost color out any remaining finer facial hair. These three ingredients combine to help effectively remove hair on your face as well as other parts of the body. It is advisable not to use these ingredients on sensitive parts. Make sure not to use this on very sensitive parts such as the genitals since you may hurt yourself. You will need to mix sugar and water in a bowl then add lemon juice into the bowl and mix well Now apply this sugar and lemon mixture on your face in the direction of hair growth on the face. Once the hair is much finer and dissolved you can easily apply some Kalo to help keep the hair away for ever.

How to make this hair remover:

  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 10 tablespoons of water
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice

Sugar Molasses Home Wax Treatment

You can create a home removal wax treatment by mixing sugar with molasses or corn syrup will give you the same effect that you get when mixing sugar, honey and lemon together. It is quite effective in offering slow and steady relief from unwanted hair. Mixing the sugar with molasses or corn syrup will make the molasses become a depilatory wax that you can use on your hands and legs to remove unwanted hair. You will still need to get a waxing stripe or cloth to remove the hair.

Take a microwave safe bowl and add sugar to it and add a drizzle of molasses on top of the sugar and microwave the bowl for two minutes. Once the sugar being to dissolve let it dissolve completely then squeeze the lemon onto this mixture and stir. Once you are able to ensure it is blended well you will need to allow it to cool down and then when it’s hot. Place the homemade wax onto the parts of your body you want to remove the unwanted hair and place a strip onto the spot. Pull it off to get rid of unwanted hair and repeat this process whenever you spot unwanted hair growth on hands and legs. Once the hair is fully pulled out and you’re looking fresh make sure to apply Kalo to ensure you keep that hair away!

How to make this hair remover:

  • One cup sugar
  • Molasses’ or dark corn syrup
  • Juice of half lemon
  • Cloth or waxing strip


There are several more solutions however I can’t speak for all of them. If you have a hirsutism you may want to consult a doctor instead of trying at home hair removal. However for a cheap, easy and quick solution you can you use these two solution to help get rid of that unwanted hair and then use Kalo Hair Inhibitor to keep the hair away.

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