Haircuts that Made History

24 Aug


Air Drying Your Hair

23 Aug

Getting up in the morning and dealing with wet hair from the morning shower can sometimes prove to be difficult. Whether you have to sort out large volume waves or low-key bends your hair type and time will prove whether you can, should and would have blown dry, towel dry or air dry in the morning. Air drying is always a best option since it protects your hair from damage from heat as well as from the beating it may take and your vigorously towel dry.


If you have large volume waves you will need some product to be able to keep your hair from going completely flat to frizzy. I would suggest you try raking a handful of hydrating mousse through damp hair or use a conditioning spray. These will add lots of volume while your hair dries throughout the day. As it is drying you can place your hair into a big, loose braid for nice, even waves and clip the braid into a bun a few inches up to give your hair a nice flowing body.

Does your hair have less volume or have low-key bends, then you have other options you can purse you make your hair air dry to look the best. You can use the same kind of methods as above with the moose or conditioner but instead of pinning up you pin or clip down. You should purposely flatten your roots through setting two loose braids. After about an hour you can finger shake the hair out so you have an easy and unfussy and frizz free look.


If you have straight and thick hair and want a wavy air dried look you can do a few things. First you will need to twist it up into four buns. If you use a single bun you run the risk of your hair holding a single large bend. Unless that’s your desired goal then use four buns to let the hair curve around your head and face. Use some spray conditioner or spray gel to give some hold as the hair dries so it will fall cleanly when you remove the buns.  If you are looking for soft waves of hair framing your face there are some options. If you already have straight or wavy hair all you have to do is tuck your hair behind your ears as it dries and clip a metal hairpin above each ear to exaggerate the bend.  A surprisingly simple trick that is very easy to execute.


One of the more common hair types that try to hair dry often is hair that holds soft spirals on thick, coarse and naturally curly hair. Don’t get me or anyone with curly hair wrong, having curly or thick hair is a lot of work to style. While it makes it a lot easier to rock a relaxer with this hair type maybe you feel the need for a change or maybe going to the stylist is inconvenient or too expensive. First ensure your hair is clean. An effective way is to break it into parts. Try dividing your hair into four equal sections and washes each one out separately to help minimize knots. Deep condition your hair then wear a shower or plastic cap to let the conditioner absorb completely into the hair, then wash out. This will ensure your hair is fully prepped for the next steps. After this is done massed with your fingertips across the hair and apply some moose or spray conditioner and let time go by to dry your hair. You won’t need to use any tools as this process will help your hair and you won’t need to do this prep as often as you think.

After you finally complete your air dry, try really hard to resist the feeling to touch it. Your hands may hold greasy residue or dirt which will weigh your hair down and cause all the work to go to waste.

Hair Loss, You and Some Solutions

19 Aug


Here is a quick primer of some of the stuff both men and women can do to help with hair loss. Your first steps are to focus on healthy eating with high protein foods, stress management and exercise. Now there is a lot of discussion about Men’s hair loss but Women’s hair loss is slightly different experience from men’s hair loss. This is due to several other factors that will hit the scalp harder and do not provide as many options for hair loss control. General good health, like with men in hair loss control and restoration situations, will be a strong start to control or mitigate hair loss.

Women’s hair loss is a complicated problem. It was commonly believed to be mostly due to male hormone, which women also have trace amounts of this leads to DHT. Testosterone converts to DHT with the aid of the enzyme Type II 5-alpha reductase. This shrinks the hair follicles and causes the hair loss. Normally women have a very small amount of DHT on their scalp as they do not produce as much testosterone as men. This leads to mild androgenetic alopecia and displays diffuse thinning on all areas of the scalp. Men on the other hand, rarely have diffuse thinning but instead have more distinct patterns of baldness. There are other temporary forms of hair loss such as telogen effluvium, which can be caused by pregnancy and will eventually, after several months, go away.


Treatments for hair loss for women are normally not offered by a physician as they want to ensure they will not lower androgen levels and cause further complications outside of restoring your hair. What you will normally get is a topical treatment to help with the hair loss. Something like Newhair biofactors shampoo, conditioner and extracts. The best suggestion is to begin treatment as soon as you have confirmed you are suffering from female pattern baldness. This will ensure that you can restore your hair and not have prolonged hair. The effectiveness of methods vary from person to person, but many women have found that using these topical treatments have made a positive difference in their hair and their self-esteem.

While hair loss is not a crucial but complex medical condition it is still something that greatly affects the hair loss sufferer in their everyday life. Through your own research as well as what is provided above you can help find appropriate treatment and anything self-help related in controlling, slowing or stopping your hair loss. You can help eliminate the stigma about hair loss and take the steps you need to have the hair you want.


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Fixes for Breaking Hair – Infographic

18 Aug



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15 Aug



Have a Hair Affair!

12 Aug


Men’s Hair Style 2016 Infographic

4 Aug

Check out this great infographic from If you can’t rock some of these styles because your hair is too short why not use FAST Shampoo to speed up that hair growth and have a haircut with style!



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