Hairstyling with Nisim

28 Mar

There have been several times in history where a slicked back, heavily oiled and stylized haircut held prominence. Most notable of these styles is the pompadour hairstyle worn by greasers. It has been recently adopted by those enamoured with vintage culture of the late 1950s and early 1960s. This type of hair style uses oily finishes from a thick pomade to achieve the hold and shine that is associated with a rock and roll or rockabilly subculture. That being stated not all of us want the oily finish that waxes or pomades can give your hair. Trying to find the right product can be a hassle. You may have struggled to find a styling product that gives the right amount of control without causing a heavy load on your hair or making it overly greasy just to stay in place.


While you can get herculean hold by using something like rubber cement with that matte look, it is a very bad idea since not only will the rubber cement you ruin your hair, you will also ruin your scalp. Jokes aside you need to look at how much of a matte you want to focus on. A majority of products when applied will have a wet or greasy look on your hair but after a short period of time will look dry and product free, still having incredible hold and style. While not always something that is explained when you look at a product take a quick look at what the product is made of. In the case of gels opt for a formula fortified with natural conditioners as they keep hair from getting a crispy flakey look. The after effects of any style will vary on your hair, the weather, and how you apply the product. So if you style with wet hair your hair will look different than if the same style is applied on dry hair. When thinking about styling you should experiment with varying products and styles before settling on a look which provides easy styling and a solid look.


Even though there are several products that claim to hold your hair without the grease or flakes, this will end the searching for the product for perfect hold. Turn your energy from needing to finding that special something that really provides an all-rounder for styling hair without weighing down your hair. While there are many products on the market, you can be certain of  one set of products that stands out. These products are Nisim Nutrient Enriched Styling Gel and Styling Spray.  These two products are made with herbal ingredients that infuse your hair with essential nutrients, leaving it strong yet flexible all day long. It helps to prevent dry scalp, crunchy hair, and sticky messes. Both the gel and the hair spray feel lightweight and look natural as if nothing is even in your hair. It will look as if there isn’t any product in your hair when you use the hair spray. The gel will add a thin texture to the hair without looking oily or greasy. When using either the hair spray or hair gel you can expect to keep your hair in place for the majority of the day and holding even in hot and humid conditions. A strong plus side to the gel is that you won’t have the downside of dry white gel flakes falling off as the gel dries out on your hair over the day.


One you have your hands on Nisim Nutrient Enriched Styling Gel you can create fun and funky hairdos! The styling gel has the texture of a cream while still maintaining the feel of a gel, Nisim Styling Gel delivers body and shape to every strand. Since Intricate hairstyles require intense hold, Nisim Nutrient Enriched Styling Gel, especially for hairstyles that require heat, protects strands from damage. Whether you’re looking to shape, mold, define, or spike, Nisim Nutrient Enriched Styling Gel can do it all.


If you aren’t looking for a gel or need something that provides required hold with minimal application Nisim Nutrient Enriched Styling Spray is for you. You can spray and style or spray it out similar or a hair spray to maintain the look and hold of your hair. Nisim Nutrient Enriched Styling Spray is a non aerosol so you can easily just plop it in your bag for travel and have it ready for your hair in next to no time.



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